OUBS Committee, 2020-21

President: Lorenzo Saccon (Wolfson College)

Lorenzo SacconI am a second year DPhil student in History at Wolfson College, having previously completed my MPhil in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies. My main interest is the history of late Byzantium, focusing in particular on the fourteenth century and the eastern Mediterranean slave trade.

Beyond talking about my research, I used to enjoy rowing. These days I try to learn new languages while dreaming to get back on the water (with social distancing).

Treasurer: James Cogbill (Worcester College)

j.-cogbill-2020-1 I am a second year MPhil student in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at Worcester College, having received my undergraduate degree in Ancient and Medieval History from the University of Birmingham. I am primarily interested in the comparative study of kinship ties and monasticism in Middle and Late Byzantium and the contemporary Latin West.

Alongside my research, I am working on an English translation of the fifteenth-century ‘Chronicle of the Tocco’.

Secretary: Alberto Ravani (Exeter College)

IMG_4826I am a second year DPhil Student in Byzantine Literature at Exeter College. My main interests are Greek literature and textual criticism. I was trained as a Classicist, but I could not resist the charm of Medieval poetry. My project is the edition of Tzetzes’ Allegories of the Iliad.

Beside books, I like cookies and lemon glaze icing on a cake. When I am not looking at manuscripts in the Weston, I like running in Port Meadow. Every morning, sipping my coffee, I read the World section of the Guardian hoping that soon I will start travelling again.