The Oxford Listings – Week 4

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Hilary Term 2020
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MONDAY 10th February

17.00   Medieval History Seminar

All Souls College, Wharton Room


Michael Staunton (University College, Dublin)

Doubting Thomas Becket: Scepticism and Hostility in the Canterbury Miracle Collections


TUESDAY 11th February

14:15 Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Clarendon Institute, Walton Street

Antonella Bellantuono (Strasbourg)

Divine epithets in Jewish-Hellenistic literature



15.00 Introduction to Islamic Art & Architecture Seminar

The Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room

Zeynep Yürekli-Görkay

Figural Art and Manuscript Illustration in the Near East



17.00 Medieval Church and Culture Seminar

Harris Manchester College, Charles Wellbeloved Room

Julian Gardner (Warwick)

Offshore thinking: thirteenth century English visitors to Rome


17.00   The Oxford Society for the Caucasus and Central Asia Seminar

New College, Lecture Room 4

Alexander Morrison (New College, Oxford)

Borders and border-making in the Russian conquest of Central Asia – from Persia to the Pamirs


WEDNESDAY 12th February

17.00 Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’

Roman Shlyakhtin (Mainz)

Last border of Byzantium? Byzantine-Seljuk border zone in lower Sakarya valley from Komnenoi to Palaiologoi.



17.00 Oxford Archaeological Fieldwork Seminar

Institute of Archaeology, Lecture Room

Christophe Delaere (Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology)

The Recording of Stratified Underwater Archaeological Contexts: Recent Excavations at Lake Titicaca.

THURSDAY 13th February

11.00-12:30 Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’, First Floor Seminar Room

Roman Shlyakhtin

Stones, drones and renovations: current problems in the research of the Land Walls of Constantinople


14:00-16:00 Approaches to Islamic Art & Architecture

The Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room

Alain George

Islamic Aesthetics




16.00 Late Roman Seminar

Corpus Christi College, Seminar Room

Neil McLynn

Macarius and his Mission: Charity and Coercion in Donatist Africa


17.15 Khalili Centre Research Seminar

The Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room

Karin Scheper (Leiden University)

In Search of Local Characteristics: Manuscript making in the Islamic world


FRIDAY 14th February

10.00-11.30 Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Centre

Marc Lauxtermann


12.00-13.00 Byzantine Literature

Ioannou Centre

Marc Lauxtermann

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