The Oxford Listings: HT 2019 / Week 3



Hilary Term 2019

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MONDAY 28th January

16.15   Gender in Classical Archaeology Seminar Series

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’

Dr Emma-Jayne Graham (Open University)
A mother’s touch? Making sense of the swaddled infant votives of early Roman Italy


17.00   Medieval History Seminar

All Souls College, Warton Room

Dr Pablo Gonzalez Martin (Queen’s)

Guilds, neighbourhoods, and city councils: Political participation in late medieval towns. Tournai and Burgos, 1380-1520

_ _ _


TUESDAY 29th January

12.00   Climate and Chronology Group

School of Archaeology, 1 South Parks Road, Lecture Theatre

A Panel Discussion: Using Social Media in Science
Prof. David Pyle, Nyree Manoukian, Richard Thomas, and Lucy Kissick


14:00   Later Medieval Seminar – Commemoration

St John’s College, 21 St Giles seminar room

Elizabeth van Houts (Cambridge)

Medieval memory, gendered emotion and the recent past.


14:00   Byzantine Epigraphy

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’

Dr Ida Toth


17.00   Medieval French Research Seminar

Maison Française

Catherine Croizy-Naquet (Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Lectures médiévales de la légende de Troie en langue romane


17:00   Medieval Church and Culture

Harris Manchester College, Charles Wellbeloved Room

Yael Fisch (Oriel)

Allegory and the Formation of Genealogy:  between Pauline and Rabbinic literature

_ _ _


WEDNESDAY 30th January

12.00-13.00     Money in the Medieval West and Byzantium

Ashmolean Museum, Floor 2, Coin Study Centre, off Gallery 36 Japan after 1860

Dr Julian Baker

Francia, Iberia, England, ca. 500-750 (Wednesday 30 January, 12-1pm)


13.00   Roman Discussion Forum

Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont Street, Lecture Room

Jack Hanson (University of Reading)
Scale, social networks, and the Pompeian-Nucerian riot


16.30   Aquinas Seminar Series: “The Good of Human Interdependence”

Blackfriars Hall, Aula

Prof Jennifer Frey

Temperance and the Common Good


17.00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’

Sergio Basso (Rome)

Some proposals on the textual transmission of Barlaam and Ioasaph


17.00   The Slade Lectures 2019: Islam and Image: Beyond Aniconism and Iconoclasm

Maths Institute, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Regulating the Gaze in the Medieval Mosque


17.00   Oxford Archaeological Fieldwork Seminar

Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont Street, Lecture Room

Penny Coombe
Cycling the Limits of the Roman Empire

_ _ _


THURSDAY 31st January

11.00-12.30     Byzantine Art and Archaeology Seminar

Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’, First Floor Seminar Room

Dr Panayiotis Panayides (Oxford)

The life, death, and afterlife of statues at the public baths of Salamis, Cyprus (100-700 AD) 


12.00   RLAHA Martin Aitken Seminar

School of Archaeology, 1 South Parks Road, Lecture Theatre

Dr. Amanda Henry (Leiden University)
The evolution of the human diet


17.00   Late Roman Seminar

Corpus Christi College

No Seminar


17.00   Khalili Research Centre Seminars

Wolfson College

Peyvand Firouzeh (Bodleian Library/Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz)

Spatial Poetry and the Sufi Body: the chelleh-khaneh at the shrine of Shah Ni’matullah Wali in Mahan


17.00   Inaugural Julia Smith

South School, Examination Schools

It is with great pleasure that the Faculty of History invites all medievalists to join them on Thursday 31 January for the Inaugural lecture of Professor Julia Smith, Chicele Professor of Medieval History. All are welcome to attend. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception in the Rooms 14 and 15, Examination Schools.

_ _ _


FRIDAY 1st January

9.30-11.00       Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Center, 66 St Giles

Professor Lauxtermann


11.00-12.45     KRC Manuscript Viewing Sessions

Weston Library, Horton Seminar Room

Manuscript Illustration in the Near East, c.12th–13thc. (AG)

Registration is required. Please contact


12.00-13.00     Byzantine Literature

Ioannou Center, 66 St Giles

Professor Lauxtermann

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