MONDAY 29th October

11.00   Byzantine Art and Archaeology – a French perspective

Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’, Basement Room 42

Michel Kazanski

The Eastern Roman Empire and the Barbarian peoples from the Northern and Eastern Black Sea regions (4th -7th c.) 


15.00   Medieval Archaeology Seminar

Institute of Archaeology Lecture Room

Marianne Hem Eriksson

The lives and deaths of houses in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia


17.00   Medieval History Seminar

All Souls College, Wharton Room

Kate Sykes (Birmingham)

The Men in the Mirror: Marriage and Monastic Reform in Tenth-Century England


TUESDAY 30th October

14.15   Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Clarendon Institute, Walton Street

Professor Jonathan Ben-Dov and Asaf Gayer (Haifa)

Prolegomena to the writings in cryptic script from Qumran


15.30   Medieval Book Club

Various Speakers

Apocalypse as History – Augustine, Jerome, & Orosius 


17.00   The Crucible of Empire: The Sasanian World and its Religious Minorities

Wolfson College, Linton Road

Simcha Gross (University of California at Irvine)

Babylonian Jews as Sasanian Jews: The Politics of Accommodation


17.00   OCLA, Middle East Centre & Faculty of Oriental Studies Special Event

Investcorp Lecture Theatre, St. Anthony’s College

Panel Discussion to mark the publication of Christian Martyrs under Islam: Religious Violence and the Making of the Muslim World by Christian C. Sahner.

The discussion will be led by Phil Booth, Julia Bray and John-Paul Ghobrial.


17.00   Medieval Church and Culture Seminar: Power and Authority

Harris Manchester College, Mansfield Rd, Charles Wellbeloved Room

David Zakarian (Oriental Institute/Pembroke)

The Authority and the Power of the Queen in Arsacid Armenia


WEDNESDAY 31st October

13.00   The Roman Discussion Forum

Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont Street, Lecture Room

Amanda Kelly (University College Dublin)

The Aqueducts of Knossos


15.00   Arabic Epigraphy and Palaeography Reading Group

The Khalili Research Centre, 3 St John Street, lecture room (basement)

Dr Umberto Bongianino

The Ifrīqī milieu


17.00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

The Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’

Dr James Howard-Johnston

The typology of nomad empires


THURSDAY 1st November

11.00   Byzantine Art and Archaeology – a French perspective

Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles’, Basement Room 42

Ioanna Rapti

Byzantine tradition, levantine audience and court culture: revisiting the Greek-Latin Hamilton psalter (Kupferstichkabinett 78.A.9)


12.00-13.00     Archaeomaterials Seminar

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, OX1 3QY

George Green

Chemical Analyses of Roman Gold Coins at the Ashmolean Museum (LA-ICP-MS, Muon Beam and XRF)


17.00   Late Roman Seminar

Corpus Christi College, Seminar Room

Julia Hillner (University of Sheffield)

The cycle and the void: Writing Helena


17.00   Heritage Pathway Training Sessions

Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, Seminar Room

Laurence Gouldbourne (Head of Diversity & Inclusion, National Trust), Dr Hannah Young (V&A), Rachel Harrison (Pitt Rivers Museum)

Diversifying Heritage


FRIDAY 2nd November

10.00-11.30     Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Center, 66 St Giles

Professor Lauxtermann


12.00-13.00     Byzantine Literature

Ioannou Center, 66 St Giles

Professor Lauxtermann


SATURDAY 3rd November

17.00   The Herculaneum Society Lecture

Ioannou Center, 66 St Giles

Professor Bert Smith

The image and cult of Antinous, AD 130-138

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