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Lecture Series on Greek Manuscripts, 30/07/2018-02/08/2018, Ioannou Centre

Monday, 30 July, 17.00: Nigel Wilson, “The rewards of palaeography” Tuesday, 31 July, 17.00: Georgi Parpulov, “A private collection of Byzantine miniatures” Wednesday, 1 August, 17.00: Michael Jeffreys, “From Thucydides to Procopius to popular Byzantine literature and beyond: the progressive … Continue reading

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The Byzness 15/07/2018

==== THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY BYZANTINE SOCIETY The Byzness, 15th July 2018 ==== 1. NEWS AND EVENTS 2. CALLS FOR PAPERS ==== 1. NEWS AND EVENTS SCHOOL: Influencers and Followers: Medieval Philosophy Between the Latin West, The Byzantine Empire and The … Continue reading

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