Oxford Listings – Week 8


Trinity Term 2018
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Dear all,
​The full OUBS committee for 2018-19 has now been elected:
President: Aikaterini Vavaliou
Secretaries: Philip Atkins, Callan Meynell
Treasurer: Dan Gallaher
We would like to wish the new committee the best of lucky for the upcoming year.
Adele, Sydney, and Constanta​

MONDAY 11th June

17:00 Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls

Andrea Ruddick (Exeter College)
Nationality labels, “identity”, and problems of terminology in late medieval England


17:00 The Iranian World from the Sassanians to Islam
Wolfson College

Robert Gleave (University of Exeter):
“Rule over them as you do the People of the Book”: Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian customs in early Islamic legal sources


17:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar
Ioannou Centre

Georgi Parpulov
Byzantine scribes and their paratexts


17:00 Late Antique Alexandria: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives
Seminar Room, Corpus Christi

Mark Edwards (University of Oxford)
[Title to be confirmed]

THURSDAY 14th June

17:00 Khalili Centre Research Seminar
Lecture Room Khalili Research Centre

Wen Wen (Merton College)
Chinese ceramics found in the Islamic world and contemporary Islamic glazed ceramics during the 8th – 10th centuries CE


17:00 After Rome Seminar
Danson Room, Trinity College

Robert Wiśniewski (Warsaw University):
Did the late-antique clergy successfully disengage from society?

FRIDAY 15th June

10:00 Byzantine Text Seminar – Constantine VII and Theodore Metochites
Ioannou Centre

Michael Featherstone

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