Oxford Listings – Week 8


Hilary Term 2018
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MONDAY 5th March

15:00 Medieval Archaeology Seminar
Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology

Alex Johnson
Pictish and Viking Age burials on Orkney: An isotopic and osteological comparison


15:00 Greek Paleography Lecture
Ioannou Centre

Nigel Wilson


17:00 Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls

Lidia Zanetti Domingues (Oxford)
Was vendetta legal in Late Medieval Italy?

TUESDAY 6th March

9:00 Mosaics and Society in Late Antiquity
Ioannou Centre

Grace Stafford (Oxford)
Muscular women and beautiful men: gender and identity at the Piazza Armerina


14:00 Byzantine Epigraphy
Ioannou Centre

Ida Toth


17:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar
Ioannou Centre

Foteini Spingou
What is Later Byzantium? Towards a New Periodization of Byzantine Cultural History

THURSDAY 8th March

11:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Archaeology Seminar
Ioannou Centre

Nektarios Zarras (Munich)
Middle Byzantine dedicatory inscriptions from Macedonia. New insights into patronage: authority, identity and space


14:00 Khalili Centre Research Seminar
Lecture Room Khalili Research Centre

Yuhan Vevaina (Oxford)
Defleshing the dead: Zoroastrian excarnation then and now


14:00 Late Roman Seminar
Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College

Jennifer Chaloner (Oxford)
A Reflection of the Heart: Speech, Silence, and Caesarius of Arles’s Convent of St. John

FRIDAY 9th March

10:00 Byzantine Text Seminar – Constantine VII
Ioannou Centre

Michael Featherstone


12:00 Byzantine Literature
Ioannou Centre

Foteini Spingou
The Politics of Beauty: Pagan and Islamic Aesthetics in Constantinople

This week we will be reading:

Theodore Doukas Laskaris, In praise of the great city of Nicaea, tr. Cl. Foss
Theodore Hyrtakenos, Description of a garden, tr. M. Mavroudi
Manuel II Palaiologos, Ekphrasis of a hanging with a depiction of Spring (written in Paris), tr. Davis

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