Oxford Listings – Week 2


Michaelmas Term 2017

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​​MONDAY 16th October

15:00 Medieval Archaeology Seminar

Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology

Neil Price

​​The Viking Phenomenon


17:00   Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls

Lindy Grant (Reading)

​​The abbey in the palace and the palace in the abbey: the interpenetration of religious and residential space in France in the long thirteenth century

​​TUESDAY 17th October

17:00 Medieval Church and Culture Seminar (Medieval Islam)

Charles Wellbeloved Room, Harris Manchester

Martin Whittingham (Oxford)

​​Seeing Muhammed in the Bible: on the lookout – in Isaiah 21: 6-7 and elsewhere

​​WEDNESDAY 18th October

17:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

Ioannou Centre

Irene Giviashvili (SIAS, Oxford)

​​Marking the sacred space in Ani: The evidence of monuments


17:00 Empires of Faith Seminar

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College

Richard Hobbs (London)

​​Representing belief on silver plate in late Antiquity

​​THURSDAY 19th October

11:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Archaeology Seminar

Ioannou Centre 

Ekaterine Gedevanishvili

​​Cult and Image of St. George in Medieval Georgian Art


14:00 OCLA Special Lecture
​ ​
Sutro Room, Trinity College
Prof. Stephen Mitchell (University of Exeter)
The Fear Factor … Roman Cities and the Barbarian Threat in the Third Century


14:00 Islamic Art and Archaeology Today: Theories in Practice

Lecture Room Khalili Research Centre

Jürgen Paul (Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg)

​​How to do things with things. Objects and ceremonies in Seljuq Iran

​​FRIDAY​ 20th October​

10:00 Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Centre

Marc Lauxtermann

​The Letters of Nicholas Mystikos​


12:00 Byzantine Literature Lecture

Ioannou Centre

Marc Lauxtermann

S​​cholarship in Byzantium​

Adele Curness
DPhil Candidate, Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society
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