The Oxford Listings – Week 8



Trinity Term 2017
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Message from OUBS Committee

Dear all,

Please note that the full OUBS Committee for 2017-18 has now been elected:

President: Adele Curness

Secretary: Sydney Taylor

Treasurer: Constanta Burlacu

We extend our warmest thanks to the outgoing committee, Mirela and Hugh, for all their hard work this year, and can only hope to match their commitment and success in the year to come.

All best,

OUBS Committee, 2017-18

MONDAY 12 June

11:15   New Perspectives on Mediterranean History

Old Common Room, Balliol College

Stephen Davis (Yale)

At the periphery of texts, at the center of textual history: A study of Christian Arabic manuscripts at the monastery of the Syrians, Egypt

17:00   Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls College

Daniel Power (Swansea)


Remembering and forgetting the Anglo-Norman realm after 1204
TUESDAY​ 13 June

14:00 The Greek City under Rome

Ioannou Centre

Ine Jacobs (University College, Oxford)

Prosperity after disaster? The effects of the Gothic invasion in Athens and Corinth 


14:00 The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Medieval Islamic West

Khalili Research Centre Lecture Room,

Corisande Fenwick (UCL)

Berbers and Borderlands: state formation and urbanisation in early medieval Morocco


Renata Holod (University of Pennsylvania)

How were the traces of their edifices erased?Archaeological/ethno-historical survey of Jerba, Tunisia


17:00 Patristics Seminar

Christ Church

Mark Clavier

Augustine, Cicero and the Late Antique Episcopacy 



17:00 OCBR Annual Lecture

Ioannou Centre

Warren Treadgold (St Louis University)

The Lost Books of Ammianus Marcellinus in Byzantine Historiography

17:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies

Arianna Gullo (Durham)

Working on the Greek Anthology 


17:00 Julian: historical and philosophical Perspectives

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College

Gabor Buzasi (ELTE, Budapest)

Emperor Julian’s theology of the Sun 


Monumentality across Media in the Late Antique East

First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre

9.30 Julia Burdajewicz (Warsaw): Late Antique wall-paintings from the basilica and residential district at Porphyreon (Jiyeh, Lebanon)

10.15 Ségolène de Pontbriand (Paris): Murals from Europos-Dura (Syria): recent discoveries

11.00–11.30 Tea

11.30 Sean Leatherbury (Oxford/Ohio): Multimediality in Late Antique Syria: Monumental Art Between Sculpture and Mosaics

12.15 Foteini Spingou and Judith McKenzie (Oxford): Weaving for Architecture: Late Antique Egyptian Hangings

1.00–2.00 Lunch

Please book a place by emailing:

17:00 After Rome: Aspects of the history and Archaeology of the Fifth to Seventh Century

Sutro Room, Trinity College

Mark Laynesmith (Lambeth Palace, Archbishop’s Examination in Theology)

‘In the battle-line of Christ’, Gildas’ martyrs: Alban, Aaron and Julius



Adele Curness

MPhil Candidate, Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society

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