The Oxford Listings – Week 5

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Hilary Term 2017
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MONDAY 13 February

17:00   Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls College

Dominique Iogna-Prat (CNRS/EHESS)

The Architecture of Society in Latin West. Christian Edification, Aristotelian Architectonic and Urbanism (500-1500)”



TUESDAY 14 February

16:00 Patristic and Late Antique Seminar: Patristic Exegesis of Prophesy and Prophetic Literature

Room 2, Christ Church

Jenny Rallens (Oxford):

Prophetic Language in Augustine’s works





17:00 Medieval Church and Culture Seminar

Carpenter Room, Harris Manchester College

Hannah Smithson (Pembroke)

Robert Grosseteste and the Sense of Sight


WEDNESDAY 15 February


12:00 Money in the Medieval West and Byzantium Lecture Series

Ashmolean Museum, Coin Study Centre, 2nd Floor

Julian Baker (Ashmolean Museum)

The Middle Byzantine period, ca. 800-1200



17:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies
Paul Arthur (Lecce):

Title to be confirmed




17:00 Late Medieval Europe Seminar: Paper and Parchment

New Seminar Room, St John’s College

Stella Panayotova (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)

Painting on Parchment




17:00 The Long History of Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood

The Garden Room, Stanford House, High St

Nassima Neggaz (Oxford)

Identity and Confessional Mobilisation in Medieval Baghdad: A micro history of the neighbourhoods of Bab Al-Basra and Al-Karkh (945-1258)



THURSDAY 16 February

11:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar

First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre

Maria Lidova (Oxford):

Under the Protection of the Mother of God: The Oratory of John VII (705–707)

in the Old St Peter’s in Rome




14:00 Late Roman Seminar
Seminar Room, Corpus Christi

Mark Humphries (Swansea):

Partes Imperii: East and West in the Fall of the Roman Empire




16:30 The Aquinas Seminar: Agency in Human Beings and Other Animals

Lecture Room, Blackfriars

Rev. Prof. Michael Sherwin (Freiburg)

Christian Virtues as Animal Virtues



20:00 Medieval Society Hillary Term Event

Goodhart Seminar Room, University College


Dr Hilary Powell (Durham University, ‘Hearing the Voice’ Project)

‘Medieval Mind Wandering and Why the Cognitive Sciences Should Care’


Dr Daniel McCann (Lincoln College, Oxford)

‘”Sole-hele”: Therapeutic Reading in the Middle Ages’        


FRIDAY 17 February
9:30 Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Centre,

Marc Lauxtermann (Exeter College)

Reading: the travel account of Andreas Libadenos (s. XIV), ed.O. Lampsidis, Ανδρέου Λιβαδηνού βίος και έργα (Athens, 1975), 39-87 (available in the online TLG)




12:00 Byzantine Literature Lectures

Ioannou Centre,

Marc Lauxtermann (Exeter College)

Literature in the 9-10th Centuries




17:00 The Cult of Saints in the First Millenium

Sutro Room, Trinity College

Kate Cooper (Manchester):

‘His Master’s Voice’: Martyrs as teachers and preachers in the Roman gesta






Lecture Room 1, Christ Church

Professor Alexander Lingas

Melismatic and Kalophonic Singing in the Constantinopolitan Divine Office



Mirela Ivanova

DPhil Candidate, History
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society


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