The Oxford Listings – Week 4

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Hilary Term 2017
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MONDAY 6 February


15:00 Medieval Archaeology Seminar

Lecture Room, Institute of Archaeology

Dries Tys:

The archaeological complexity of the origins of trade and (pre-)urban sites in

the southern Low Countries




17:00   Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls College

Joseph McDermott (Cambridge)

Putting the Villages of China at the Centre of Chinese History, c. 600-1600

TUESDAY 7 February


16:00 Patristic and Late Antique Seminar: Patristic Exegesis of Prophesy and Prophetic Literature

Room 2, Christ Church

Dr Julia Konstantinovsky (Oxford):

Gregory of Nyssa on Eschatology





17:00 Medieval Church and Culture Seminar

Carpenter Room, Harris Manchester College

Ed Wareham (Jesus College)

The Sense of Taste


WEDNESDAY 8 February

12:00 Money in the Medieval West and Byzantium Lecture Series

Ashmolean Museum, Coin Study Centre, 2nd Floor

Julian Baker (Ashmolean Museum)

Carolingians, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, and the birth of the medieval West, ca. 750-1150




17:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar/ OCBR Special Lecture

Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies
Michel Kaplan (Paris):

The organization of sacred space in a Constantinopolitan church: the case of

Saint John the Baptist of Oxeia




17:00 Late Medieval Europe Seminar: Paper and Parchment

New Seminar Room, St John’s College

Katrin Kogman Appel (University of Munster)

The Manuscript/ Print Age in Jewish Book History: Different Audiences of Passover Haggadah





THURSDAY 9 February

11:00 Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar

First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre

Agnieszka Lic (Oxford):

Christian Stucco Decorations in Southern Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf

Region, 6th–9th centuries




14:00 Late Roman Seminar
Seminar Room, Corpus Christi

Nadine Viermann (Konstanz):

Blood, Sweat and Tears: the Transformation of the Roman Emperor’s Image in

the Early Seventh Century




16:30 The Aquinas Seminar: Agency in Human Beings and Other Animals

Lecture Room, Blackfriars

Rev. Dr. Peter Hunter (Oxford)

Acting Willingly and Acting Freely




20:00 Oxford Medieval Society Meeting: Exploring the Medical Humanitise

Goodhart Seminar Room, University College

Hilary Powell (Durham)

Medieval Mind-Wandering and Why Cognitive Science Should Care




Daniel McCann (Oxford)

‘Sole-hele’: Therapeutic Reading in the Middle Ages
FRIDAY 10 February
9:30 Byzantine Text Seminar

Ioannou Centre,

Marc Lauxtermann (Exeter College)

Reading: the travel account of Andreas Libadenos (s. XIV), ed.O. Lampsidis, Ανδρέου Λιβαδηνού βίος και έργα (Athens, 1975), 39-87 (available in the online TLG)

Start reading from p. 45, line 9.  




12:00 Byzantine Literature Lectures

Ioannou Centre,

Marc Lauxtermann (Exeter College)

Literature in the 9-10th Centuries







Mirela Ivanova

DPhil Candidate, History
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society













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