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Trinity Term 2016

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Message from Ine Jacobs


Guided tour of Sicily – Culture and Conquest. British Museum, 15 June 2016, 9.30 am.

The curator of the Sicily exhibition, Dirk Booms, has offered to give Oxford staff and students an extended and free tour, on 15 June, starting at 9.30 am, half an hour before the normal opening of the museum.


If you want to join, please send an email to  before Monday 13 June.


All best,



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MONDAY 12 October
17:00   Medieval History Seminar
Wharton Room, All Souls College

Alice Rio (King’s College, London)

Carolingian Slavery




TUESDAY 13 October
14:30   Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Clarendon Institute, Walton Street

Professor Galit Hasan-Rokem (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Remembering Alexandria in the Galilee: Local adaptation of regional folklore




16:00   Patristic Seminar

Christ Church, Room 2

Claire Hall

Prophecy in Origen



WEDNESDAY 14 October


17:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar

Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies
Dominic Brookshaw (Wadham College)

Title to be confirmed




17:00   Gregory of Nyssa: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

Corpus Christi College Seminar Room

Anna Marmodoro (University of Oxford)

Gregory of Nyssa on the Trinity



THURSDAY 15 October

11:00   Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar
New Seminar Room, St John’s College
Agnieszka Lic (Oxford)

The stucco torso from a church in Koke (Seleucia-Ctesiphon) and the art of Byzantium


17:00   After Rome: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to Seventh Centuries
Ertegun House
Erica Buchberger (College of Charleston. South Carolina):

Identifying Others in the Life of Caesarius of Arles

FRIDAY 16 October
There will be no Byzantine Text Seminar or Byzantine Literature Lecture this week.



17:00   The Cult of Saints in the First Millennium

Radcliffe Humanities Building, Collin Matthew Room (Ground floor)

Robert Wiśniewski (University of Warsaw)

The burials ad sanctos




Mirela Ivanova

MSt Late Antique and Byzantine Studies,
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society




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