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The Byzness, 13th December 2015

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Being a Woman Byzantinist

Time: 17:00-18:30

Drinks reception: 18:30-19:00

Date: 19th January, 2016

Venue: Ertegun House, University of Oxford, 37A St. Giles Street, Oxford. OX1 3LD


DAME AVERIL CAMERON (Former Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History & Former Warden, Keble College, Oxford)

ELIZABETH JEFFREYS (Former Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature, Exeter College, Oxford)

JUDITH HERRIN (Former Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, King’s College London & Constantine Leventis Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Hellenic Studies, King’s College London)

CATHERINE HOLMES (Associate Professor of Medieval History & A.D.M. Cox Old Members’ Tutorial Fellow in Medieval History, University College, Oxford)

Discussion (open to the floor) led by:

INE JACOBS (Associate Professor of Byzantine Archaeology and Visual Culture, University College, Oxford)

IDA TOTH (Lecturer in Byzantine Epigraphy & Senior Instructor in Medieval Latin and Greek, Wolfson College, Oxford)

MARK WHITTOW (University Lecturer in Byzantine Studies & Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Generously supported by the Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity (OCLA) and the Oxford University Byzantine Society (OUBS). For further enquiries, and to book spaces for the dinner afterwards, please contact the organiser of the event, Sukanya Rai-Sharma, at by 23rd December 2015.

For the event poster see here.


 Genetics, the Archaeology of Ethnicity, and Nationhood 

Nicholas Matheou talks to Florin Curta, The Long History of Ethnicity and Nationhood, podcast 1: Genetics, the Archaeology of Ethnicity, and Nationhood.

For a link to the podcast see here.


Matthew Kinloch

DPhil Candidate, History
President, Oxford University Byzantine Society

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