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The Byzness, 26th April 2015

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 Vienna Dialogues, Travel Grant

 Dear colleagues,

It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to the meeting of the Vienna Dialogues:“People on the Move and the Things they Bring: Mobility of Ideas, Motifs and Texts in Byzantium and Beyond”, which will be held at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Vienna (Postgasse 7, back building, 3 rd floor, 1 st district) from Friday, 29 May to Saturday, 30 May 2015. Travel grant: In order to enable scholars from abroad to attend this workshop, two travel grants of 400 Euros each are available. They will be awarded based upon merit. Please send a brief letter of application (two pages max.), stating the reasons for your interest in attending, as well as a cv and list of publications, all in electronic format, to: Dr. Alexander Riehle ( The application deadline is April 27, 2015.

We greatly look forward to welcoming you at the meeting.

With kind regards

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudia RAPP

Please find the programme here.


Vienna Bibliography, No. 159, March 2015

Please find the latest Vienna bibliography here.


National Centre of Manuscripts (Tbilisi, Georgia) Summer School

The National Centre of Manuscripts (Tbilisi, Georgia is organizing the Summer School “Georgian Manuscript- 2015”. The Summer School is dedicated to the study of the Georgian manuscript heritage. It will be held from 14th to 23th July 2015 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  For detailed information, please, find attached files.  We would like to  ask you to inform your members.

Best regards,

Summer School Team

International Relations Department
National Centre of Manuscripts

M. Alexidze 1/3
0193, Tbilisi

Tel.:  (+ 995 32) 2 47 42 42   (107)

Further information here; programme here and application form here.



 The Emotion of Hope in Ancient Literature, History and Art, Rethymo, 11th-13th December 2015

 Please find the CfP here.



 Ph.D. position in Armenian Studies

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce an open position at the University of Bern for a Ph.D. student in Armenian studies / Digital Humanities, working on a new edition of the Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa. Please circulate this to anyone who might be interested!

Best wishes,

Tara Andrews


British Institute at Ankara, Funding Opportunities 2015/16

The British Institute at Ankara, one of the foreign schools and institutes supported by the British Academy, invites funding applications for project grants (up to £5000 per year for up to three years) and for study grants (up to £2000 per year), to be carried out in 2015/16.

The research remit of the BIAA covers Turkey and the Black Sea.  BIAA research engages with Turkey as a crossroads, Turkey’s interactions with the Black Sea region and its other neighbours, and Turkey as a distinctive creative and cultural hub in a global and neighbourhood perspective. The overall focus of applications should be on History, Society and Culture.  The BIAA has primary experience and resources as an archaeological and historical research centre, including a first-class library in Ankara.  Priority is given to research projects with a historical dimension, even when the prime focus is on contemporary Turkey or climate issues. In line with the mission of the BIAA as a centre of excellence for archaeological research, substantial funds will be set aside for selected field projects running over a number of years. Currently three or four projects of this type are supported.

Applications for funding should fit within the five Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) which define the current shape of BIAA research policy:

Climate and its historical and current impact

Migration, Minorities and regional identities

Religion and politics in historical perspective

Habitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical and environmental perspective

Cultural heritage, society and the economy

Proposals may relate to all historical periods up to contemporary Turkey.  The BIAA is especially interested in supporting projects that employ comparative and cross-disciplinary approaches, and to establish collaborations with other institutions with a view to generating larger overall project funding.  A single applicant (e.g. an excavation project director) may only apply for funding under one of these headings.  The organisers of potentially diverse and projects should identify the main strand of their investigation and the main research questions that the BIAA is asked to fund.

Currently, no new permits are being issued to overseas researchers by the Turkish authorities.  However, the BIAA is prepared to offer support applications to carry out archaeological research as part of Turkish or non-Turkish directed projects which already hold permits.

Current research based at the BIAA within the above SRI’s:

Previous 5K Grants:

‘Quaternary environments in the upper catchment of the Kura River, North-Eastern Turkey: A context for early human occupation and migration’

‘Prototyping visitor-centred mobile and mixed reality interpretation at Çatalhöyük, Turkey’ ‘Lower Göksu Archaeological Salvage Survey’

‘Lower Göksu Archaeological Salvage Survey’

‘Life on the frontier: climate and landscape change in Byzantine Anatolia, 500-1200 AD’

Previous 2K Grants:

‘Tell Majnuna: Feasting and Mass production at the dawn of cities in Mesopotamia’

‘Identification of archaeobotanical remains from the West Mound of Çatalhöyük and Çamlıbel Tarlası’

‘The role of cultural, social and historical values in shaping investment and energy policies: the case study of Turkey’

‘Exploring the climatically and socio-ecologically responsive urban built environment in the vernacular settlement of Mardin’

Please visit our website at for information and application forms. The closing date for all applications is 1 May 2015.


Assistant Director, British Institute at Anakara

Background and introduction

The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) is internationally renowned for over 65 years’ work supporting, enabling and encouraging world-class research in Turkey and the Black Sea region in the fields of  history, archaeology and related social sciences. Founded in 1948, the BIAA was incorporated in the 1956 cultural agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the United Kingdom. The BIAA is one of the British Academy’s overseas Institutes. It has offices in Ankara and London.

Its objectives are:

§  to support, promote, facilitate and publish British research focused on Turkey and the Black Sea littoral in all academic disciplines within the arts, humanities and social sciences;

§  to maintain a centre of excellence in Ankara focused on the archaeology and related subjects of Turkey.

 The BIAA’s current research is organized into five Strategic Research Initiatives: Habitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical and environmental perspective; Migration, Minorities and Regional Identities; Climate and its historical and current impact; Religion and politics in historical perspective; Cultural heritage, society and economy in Turkey.

The Role of the Assistant Director

The Assistant Director’s primary responsibilities will include the management and facilitation of the non-archaeological elements of the BIAA’s research programme, including the organisation of lectures and seminars in Ankara, and providing support for post-doctoral fellows and other researchers. The Assistant Director will work directly with the Director and expected to share some of the general management and administration of the BIAA.

The Assistant Director is required to be resident in Ankara for most of the year.  In addition to the Director, there is a small local staff, which includes experienced administrative and library/archive personnel. The post holder will have oversight of the Library and act as the line manager to Library personnel.

The holder of this position should have experience and research interests connected to Ottoman, Republican or Contemporary Turkey.

Terms and conditions of service can be found at our website by following this link

Further information

Potential applicants, particularly those not already familiar with the Institute in Ankara, are encouraged to contact the Director, Dr Lutgarde Vandeput (

For information about current activities undertaken by the Institute, please visit the website at

Application procedure

Applicants are invited to submit a completed application form found on the website link above.  In addition, please provide a letter of application outlining why your qualifications and experience are appropriate to this appointment.  In particular, you should focus on your research and administration experience.  You should outline how this appointment would fit with your longer-term career plans, including details of the personal research and publication programme you would pursue.  Curriculum Vitae should also be provided where there is additional information.  Please send applications to Dr Lutgarde Vandeput ( and you must copy in the London Manager at

The deadline for receipt of applications is 1 May 2015.  Interviews will be held in London in the week of 25 May 2015.


Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, British Institute at Ankara

Applications are now invited a Post-doctoral Research Fellow positions 2015/16.

Candidates should normally have completed a doctorate and must have a current connection with a UK University.

The Fellowships will be tenable for one year from 1 September 2015. The Fellows will be based at the Institute in Ankara and will be required to spend at least two-thirds of the period of the Fellowship at the institute.

The subject of the proposed research should focus on Turkey and/or the Black Sea littoral and may fall within any of the academic disciplines of the arts, humanities and social sciences.  It should lead to a substantial publication either in monograph or in article form.

The fellows will be awarded £20,000 per annum, payable monthly.  All costs including travel (to and from Turkey and any academic travel, such as conferences), health insurance, visa and accommodation need to be covered by this annual amount.  Accommodation will be available at the Institute in Ankara, as required, at a rate of £10 per night, or £250 per month. It is important to note that, due to changed regulations regarding residence permits in Turkey, the fellows will be obliged to take a health insurance policy from a Turkish company for the duration of their stay. The BIAA will help organising this once the fellows have arrived in Ankara.

Applications will be accepted from 1 April 2015.  Applicants should submit an application form, a curriculum vitae and a covering letter which details the research proposal by the closing date of 1 May 2015 (by email to The cover letter and research proposal should not exceed four pages. TWO written references MUST be sent by your referees by the closing date.  This should be on official letterhead (as an email attachment) or in email form, as long as the position of the referee in his/her HEI is known.

Please visit the website at to download the application form.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in London in the week beginning 25 May.

For further information please contact Dr Lutgarde Vandeput


Fitch Bursary Awards

Dear All,

The Fitch Laboratory invites applications for two Bursary Awards in 2015-16.

I would be grateful if you could circulate this information, also available on the BSA website:

With thanks and all best wishes,

Tania Gerousi, School Administrator


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