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The Byzness, 15th March 2015

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‘Hell is other people: sins, transgressions and their depiction on late medieval Crete and Cyprus, SPBS Lecture, 17th March

Dear All,

Please find a poster here with details of an upcoming SPBS Lecture on 17 March 2015 to be given by Dionysios Stathakopoulos. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to me at

Best wishes,
Liz Mincin


Forthcoming CHS event

Tuesday 24 March, 17.30-18.30
Non extinctus est fons musarum: the production & dissemination of Greek scientific manuscripts in the late Palaeologan period & after 1453
Council Room (K2.29), King’s Building, Strand Campus
Francesca Marchetti will show how contacts with western scholars and universities, different approaches to the production of manuscripts, and the fascination exerted by the botanical and medical manuscripts, contributed to the transmission of a visual heritage that had a significant impact on western manuscripts and printed books. Part of the Late Antique & Byzantine seminar series.


Vienna Bibliography, No. 158 February 2015

Please find here.


Byzantine Art Restoration and Site Preservation workshops in Puglia, Italy

My name is Tonio Creanza and I’m the founder and the director of Messors, a series of hands-on educational workshops regarding the preservation of cultural heritage and Byzantine sites that I have been running in Puglia region – Italy for the last 20 years. The workshops are an opportunity for participants to learn about the history of the region, learn about conservative methods and techniques, while contributing to the conservation of the rich art heritage of Southern Italy.

I was wondering how could I make available the information about our educational workshops to students/trainees/volunteers who might be interested in participating and implement their extra-curriculum experience.

The calendar for 2015 is:

– June 11 -28 Art Restoration Workshop Fresco&Canvas.

– July 24 – August 4 our latest preservation adventure of Fornello Sustainable Preservation Project.

As for the Fornello Sustainable Preservation Project, I would love to know if there would be an interest from your institution in developing a study and research collaboration in the future.

If you have chance, please read press articles and testimonials regarding our workshops.

I would highly appreciate any initiative in spreading the word about the workshops!

Thank you for your consideration,
Best regards,
Tonio Creanza


H-Medieval- New H-Net List

On Behalf of the Editors and the Advisory Board, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new H-Net list entitled H-Medieval. The goal of the list is to discuss all things related to the history, culture, religion and society of medieval Europe. And we do mean all of medieval Europe. The founder of the list, as well as several of the Advisory Board members are Byzantinists, the Slavic medieval world is represented, etc. So, please consider subscribing to the list, and participating in our discussions.



Christian Raffensperger
Associate Professor of History
Director, Russian and Central Eurasian Studies Program
Wittenberg University
Associate, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
office: Hollenbeck 311
phone: (937) 327-7843


Cappadocia in Context

Immerse yourself in Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Cappadocia…
Info: Intensive Graduate Summer Workshop by Koç University RCAC
Date: 11 JUNE – 26 JUNE 2015
Do you want to explore the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Cappadocia? Within the region’s spectacular volcanic landscape are dozens of rock-cut settlements, including hundreds of painted, rock-cut churches, chapels, monasteries, houses, villages, towns, fortresses and underground cities.
The program will start up in Istanbul, ancient capital of Byzantium, with lectures and field trips lead by program faculty and Koç University Graduate School of Social Sciences & Humanities students. After first three days in Istanbul, the group will travel to Cappadocia. Through a program in Cappadocia that combines lectures, guided site visits, thematic explorations and seminar presentations, the workshop will explore ways to read the landscapes and its monuments, as well as ways to write a regional history based on the close analysis of sites and monuments.
Prof. Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Tolga Uyar (PhD. University of Paris I), with the contribution of some esteemed faculty members from Koç University, will present Cappadocia through a combination of lectures, seminar discussions, site visits and field trips. A camera, sturdy walking shoes and a taste of exploration are essential!
In order to maintain an intimate setting and provide maximum exposure opportunities, the program has a limited capacity of 14 students.
Scholarships and financial aid are available. Please refer to “Scholarships & Financial Aid” section.
Application deadline 15 April 2015.
All instructions will be in English; reading skills in French highly recommended.
This program is only open to graduate level students.:
On-line details at:



New position at Onassis Cultural Center (NY)

Dear friends and colleagues,

A new position has opened at the Onassis Foundation (USA), Assistant Manager of Exhibitions and Publications. The job description is here; please forward to your qualified individuals.

Warm regards,
Amalia Cosmetatou

Executive Director
& Director of Cultural Affairs
Onassis Foundation (USA)
645 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-486-4448


Three postdoctoral fellowships in Paris

Please find the details here.


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