The Oxford Listings

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The Oxford Listings, Trinity Term 2014, Week 8

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MONDAY 16th June

5.00 PM Medieval History Seminar
Auditorium, Corpus Christ College

Nora Berend
(St Catherine’s College, Cambridge)
Violence and identity in medieval and early modern Hungary


5.30 PM Seminar on Abrahamic Religions
Oriental Institute

Dr Sinai and Professor Fraenkel

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TUESDAY 17th June

2.00 PM Khalili Research Centre Seminar
Lecture Room, Khalili Research Centre

Agnieska Lic
(Institute of Archaeology and St Cross)
The Wawel Casket


5.00 PM Sasanian Iran in the Context of Late Antiquity
Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre

Matthew Canepa
(University of Minnesota)
Archaeologies of Iranian identity in late antique western and central Asia

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5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies

Johannes Pahlitzsch
(University of Mainz)
Melkites and Arabo-Greek Christianity in Syria and Egypt


5.00 PM Porphyry Seminar: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives
Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College

Mark Edwards
(University of Oxford)
Porphyry and the Justification of Allegory

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THURSDAY 19th June

11.00 AM Late Antique & Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar : Transitions and Translations
St. John’s College, Seminar Room

Jeffrey Featherstone & Philipp Niewöhner
(Corpus & Brasenose)
The topography of the Great Palace and the iconography of the Walker Trust Mosaics at Constantinople

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FRIDAY 20th June

5.00 PM After Rome Seminar: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to the Seventh Centuries
Danson Room, Trinity College

James Howard-Johnson
(Corpus Christi, Oxford)
The Grand Strategy of the Sasanian Empire

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