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Please find here the details for an illustrated lecture by Professor Jonathon Harris on the Perivleptos monastery of Constantinople.
APRIL 26-27, 2014: “The Mediterranean City and Its Rulers: A Comparison of Byzantium, Islam, and Western Christendom in the High Middle Ages”

Details of the program and further information can be found at: or received by contacting:

We would kindly like to announce that applications for Koç University RCAC’s Summer Programs 2014 will continue until April 30th, 2014.
We are conducting summer programs in Istanbul focused on Byzantine Art History and Ottoman Art History for young scholars who are working on their graduate studies. You can find our program flyers in the attachment.
Please visit our website to find more info about the programs on
We would very much appreciate if you can announce our programs on your website and circulate in your academic circles. It is very important for us to reach out to young archeaologists through well-known portals and websites.
Please also visit us from our Facebook page:
The Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen is pleased to invite you to attend a two-days symposium on June 23-24 to celebrate the cooperation between Groningen and Palermo. The symposium will take place in the Senaatskamer of the University, Broerstraat 5. On June 24 at 16.15 hrs, Professor Giuseppe Falcone, who has held the H.J. Scheltema Chair for two years, will bring the symposium to a conclusion with a solemn address, entitled The ‘mysterious’ beauty of Laws.

For more information on the symposium and/or the so-called Groningen School of Byzantine Law, please visit the website:




, for full details please see here.

An Afternoon Symposium at the Penn Museum, FROM CONSTANTINOPLE TO CAPPADOCIA
Sunday, April 13, 1:00 – 5:00 pm, for more details please see here.
Ravenna in the Imagination of Renaissance Art
Organized by Giancarla Periti and Alexander Nagel
Giancarla Periti (University of Toronto, Department of Art) andAlexander Nagel (New York University, Institute of Fine Arts) haveorganized a one-day conference, RAVENNA IN THE IMAGINATION OFRENAISSANCE ART, to be held in the University of Toronto Historyconference room (Sidney Smith Room 2098), on Thursday April 10.
For full conference details, please visit: TheHistory conference room is on the second floor of Sidney Smith Hall,100 St. George Street, on the St. George campus.
The Mosaics of Thessaloniki Revisited, Friday 30 May 2014
A One-Day Workshop at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London Sponsored by the AG Leventis Foundation The mosaics of Thessaloniki provide the most comprehensive ensemble of Byzantine mosaics in the world, with examples from late antiquity right through to the fourteenth century. They present remarkable testimony to the skills of artists throughout the Byzantine millennium, and give insights into many aspects of Byzantine society and belief. They also document the changing concerns of the city and its relationship with the earthly and divine worlds. The publication of The Mosaics of Thessaloniki, 4th-14th century (Athens: Kapon editions, 2012), edited by C. Bakirtzis, E. Kourkoutidou-Nikolaidou and Ch. Mavropoulou-Tsiumi, has provided an exemplary documentation of the mosaics in the city, with photographs of exceptional quality. In the light of this book as well as the growing quantity of recent work on the mosaics this workshop will look once more at the issues and controversies surrounding the mosaics, especially their dating, contexts and meanings, but also to look at new ways forward in the study of this extraordinary group of monuments. The day includes papers which examine all the major mosaic monuments in the city, but there will be extensive time for discussion so that the controversies and relationships between them can all be discussed.
Booking for the conference is up on the website (under forthcoming conferences, soon to be moved into main section once the summer term programme is up). There are links to the programme and abstracts, and the online booking has also been opened (£12, £7 concessions).

The British Institute at Ankara warmly invites you to a one-day event being held on Saturday 11 October at King’s College London, Strand Campus.   The  programme provides a fascinating menu of topics for anybody who is enthusiastic and curious to discover more about Turkey past and present  and will foreground the achievements of research promoted by the BIAA, which has supported pioneering and ground-breaking work in the country since 1948.  The speakers are all in the forefront of research on Turkey, and their presentations will cover prehistoric archaeology, Roman village life, Ottoman art, the role of women and the contemporary political scene.  There will be a musical interludes provided by a London-based Turkish group, and a drinks reception after the programme, with opportunities to talk to the speakers and other active BIAA members.   We are also holding at dinner before the event at the British Academy on Friday 10 October, and we hope that as many as possible of you will join us there for a relaxed and enjoyable Turkish evening.  Please see the programme and kindly book tickets through the BIAA website, the links are provided below.  Tickets for the one day event and pre-event dinner can be purchased separately, or combined with a discount for those who wish to attend both. We very much look forward to seeing you at both the dinner and the one day event! – ONE DAY EVENT TICKET for MEMBERS  – ONE DAY EVENT TICKET for NON-MEMBERS – PRE-DINNER TICKET for MEMBERS – PRE-DINNER TICKET for NON-MEMBERS – COMBINED ONE DAY EVENT and DINNER TICKET for MEMBERS – COMBINED ONE DAY EVENT and DINNER TICKET for NON-MEMBERS
Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics
Edited by Scott Redford
From the very first moment when their picks and shovels hit the ground in 1932, archaeologists started to expose the remains of an enchanted city hidden under the roads, squares, and gardens of modern Antioch. The olive trees that constitute one of the most important symbols of the city, as they are also depicted in the mosaics of the Roman villas, concealed underneath their roots some of the most impressive works of ancient pictorial art…
Thus came to light one of the most magnificent cities of the Roman Empire. Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics narrates the story of the first archaeological expeditions with articles and photographs, and provides news of the most recent archaeological excavations in Antioch.
For more information click here.
Purchase here.

Wales and Byzantium: Public Lecture, Cardiff, 25 April 2014
‘Antiquity, Connections and Collections’
Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre,National Museum CardiffFor more details please see here.
= = = = =2. CALLS FOR PAPERS
CFP – Material culture and diplomatic relations between the Latin West, Byzantium, and the Islamic East (11th-16th c.)

by Frederic Bauden

Material culture and diplomatic relations between the Latin West, Byzantium, and the Islamic East (11th-16th c.) / Culture matérielle et contacts diplomatiques entre l’Occident latin, Byzance et l’Orient islamique (XIe-XVIe siècle). Submissions are invited for this international conference to be held at the University of Liege (Belgium) on 27-28 April 2015. The deadline for submissions is 30 June. The call for papers may be downloaded at the following address: Papers may be submitted either in French or in English. F. Bauden

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Special Thematic Strand for 2014
“Samuel’s State and Byzantium: History, Legend, Tradition, Heritage”, for more details see here. First Deadline for submitting the abstract of the papers: 1 July, 2014
Second Deadline for submitting the abstract of the papers: 1 September, 2014

Notification of acceptance for early applicants: 5 July, 2014
Notification of acceptance for other applicants: 5 September, 2014
Deadline for submitting the full papers for publication: 15 February, 2015
Please send the application form to the address:
Euro-Balkan UniversityBlvd. Partizanski Odredi 63, 1000, Skopje, Republic of MacedoniaTel/Fax. 00389 2 3075570
Presentation of the papers will be limited to 10 minutes.Working languages: Macedonian, Italian and English.
The BIAA would like to extend the deadline for the 2K Study Grant applications until Monday 14 April
The British Institute at Ankara, one of the foreign schools and institutes supported by the British Academy, invites funding applications for project grants (up to £5000 per year for up to three years) and for study grants (up to £2000 per year), to be carried out in 2014/15.

The research remit of the BIAA covers Turkey and the Black Sea.  BIAA research engages with Turkey as a crossroads, Turkey’s interactions with the Black Sea region and its other neighbours, and Turkey as a distinctive creative and cultural hub in a global and neighbourhood perspective. The overall focus of applications should be on History, Society and Culture.  The BIAA has primary experience and resources as an archaeological and historical research centre, including a first-class library in Ankara.  Priority is given to research projects with a historical dimension, even when the prime focus is on contemporary Turkey or climate issues. In line with the mission of the BIAA as a centre of excellence for archaeological research, substantial funds will be set aside for selected field projects running over a number of years. Currently three or four projects of this type are supported.
Applications for funding should fit within the five Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) which define the current shape of BIAA research policy:
Climate and its historical and current impactMigration, Minorities and regional identitiesReligion and politics in historical perspectiveHabitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical and environmental perspectiveCultural heritage, society and the economyProposals may relate to all historical periods up to contemporary Turkey.  The BIAA is especially interested in supporting projects that employ comparative and cross-disciplinary approaches, and to establish collaborations with other institutions with a view to generating larger overall project funding.  A single applicant (e.g. an excavation project director) may only apply for funding under one of these headings.  The organizers of potentially diverse and multifarious projects should identify the main strand of their investigation and the main research questions that the BIAA is asked to fund.
Applications for research that involves archaeological field work or museum-based research are welcome, but applicants should be aware of the need to hold official permits from the General Directorate of Monuments and Museums of the Turkish Ministry of Culture for such projects, and are advised to consult the BIAA if they need guidance about these permits.
Please visit our website at for information and application forms. The closing date for all applications is 1 April 2014.  Please email the London Manager at for more information.
BRITISH SCHOOL AT ATHENS DEADLINES31st March Visiting Fellowship ( Career Fellowship at ( 11th AprilThe Macmillan-Rodewald Studentship ( Richard Bradford McConnell Studentship (
Joining a team of accomplished, nationally and internationally recognised researchers, as the Postdoctoral Research Fellow you will conduct research relating to the Project: Negotiation of Ecumenical Relations between East and West in the Late-Antique Church.
To be successful in the role you will have completed a PhD or equivalent in Classics, Early Christian studies, or studies in Late Antiquity or the Middle Ages within the preceding 8 years and demonstrate an emerging international standing and research reputation.
Total remuneration valued to $68,440 – $92,880 pa, including salary component $57,833 – $78,485 pa (Academic Classification Level A), employer contribution to superannuation and annual leave loading.
A range of generous conditions of employment and entitlements are provided, these include: generous leave conditions; flexible working arrangements; salary packaging benefits and comprehensive staff development programs.
Applicants should demonstrate commitment to the specific mission and Catholic ethos of the institution. Applicants must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the nexus between teaching and learning and research and scholarship.- See more at:
Please see full details and how to apply at the following link:

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