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The Oxford Listings, Hilary Term 2014, Week ​8


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MONDAY ​10th March

5.00 PM Medieval History Seminar

Wharton Room, All Souls


Margaret Bent

(All Souls)

An Anglo-Castilian detective story: Jacobus, royal author of the Speculum musice (c. 1325)?

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TUESDAY ​11th ​March

2:00 PM Money in the Medieval West and Byzantium

Ashmolean Museum, Floor 2, Coin Study Centre (Next to Gallery 36, Japan after 1860)


​​Dr. Julian Baker

(Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

The late medieval crisis, ca. 1330-1450


2.30 PM Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period

Oriental Institute


​Dr Peter Stewart


The Beth Alpha synagogue mosaic and late antique provincialism


5.00 PM Patristic Exegesis of the Psalms

Examination Schools


​Dr Susan Griffith


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WEDNESDAY ​12th ​March

5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar

Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies


​Tom Higham and Georges Kazan​

(School of Archaeology, Oxford)

Science and the Sacred: a modern, network-based, cross disciplinary study of Early Christian Sources

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THURSDAY ​13th March

11.00 AM Late Antique & Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar : Transitions and Translations

St. John’s College, Seminar Room


Dr Jonathan Bardill

St Polyeuctus and San Marco: symbolism and spolia


2.00 PM An Introduction to Ancient Armenian Literature and Culture

Pembroke College – Henderson’s Building, Garden Seminar Room


​​Emilio Bonfiglio

(Pembroke College, Oxford)

The transmission of Armenian literary culture: rudiments of Armenian epigraphy, codicology, and palaeography. 


5.00 PM Late Roman Seminar: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to the Seventh Centuries

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi College


Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe


Ideas of Diabolical Heresy in Late Antiquity

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FRIDAY ​14th March

12.00 PM First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre

Byzantine Text Seminar


Ida Toth

(Wolfson College, Oxford)

The Epigraphy of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece

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