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The Byzness, 1st of December, 2013
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Some more distressing news about ex-Byzantine monuments in Turkey, this time concerning the Stoudios Monastery. Please also find here a petition to protest the alleged plans concerning Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Reportedly the AKP government commented on the lack of international response after the conversions of the Hagia Sophia museums into mosques in Iznik and Trabzon, so we should do our utmost to coherently respond to these political manoeuvres as an academic community.


I would like to introduce my site, BYZANTINE CHRONICLE, about the Byzantine Emperors, the Byzantine Battles, the Byzantine history in general.

Manolis Papathanassiou


Please find here the final programme of the international congress: “Santa Maria Antiqua: the Sistine Chapel of the 8th Century” in Context” (British School at Rome).

The 8th International Annual Symposium of the Koc University`s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) will take place on November 30-December 1, 2013 in Istanbul. This year`s Symposium is entitled: The Palimpsest of the House. Re-assessing Roman, Late Antique, Byzantine and Early Islamic Living Patters. The program can be found here.
Archie Dunn’s speech at Birmingham, Centre for Byzantine Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies:
It is right that, as a Research Centre, we pause today before our General  Seminar, to remember the life and contribution of Nubar Hampartumian, who died on Sunday. He was Vicky Georganteli’s predecessor as Keeper of Coins at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, and, as Keeper and Honorary Lecturer in Byzantine Numismatics, an important member of our Centre, helping to give it its unique character over many years.
                He was an offspring of the early 20th-century diaspora from the Armenian heartlands. His parents settled in Romania, where he grew up and trained to become an archaeologist. From 1960 to 1978 he published  numerous articles as a member  of the Romanian Institute of Archaeology’s excavation team at Histria (“The Romanian Pompeii”) in the Danube Delta. These demonstrate the breadth of his competence: in numismatics, sigillography, stratigraphic excavation, and  careful correlation with historical sources. In three of these articles he focused  on  the  burial archaeology of the 4th to 7th centuries , an  aspect of the archaeological record  essential for the study of those centuries. But he had already established himself as an academic numismatist, writing for the final reports on Histria, with Constantin Preda,  Histria III. Descoperirile monetare. 1914-1970 (The Romanian Academy, 1973).
                However his career in Romania was blighted owing to his refusal to join the Communist Party. His articles even had to appear under the nom de plume H.Nubar (with the result that in our Offprint Collection he appears under “N” not “H”). And he was incarcerated by the regime for two years.  His situation became so untenable that he became a political refugee, here in the UK, in 1978.   At the British Museum though he had a lucky break, meeting  Bryer, who set in motion the processes whereby he became Keeper of Coins at the Barber Institute in succession to Michael Hendy. Nubar held this post from 1979 to 1999, when he retired at the age of 71. Meanwhile in every sense Nubar started a new life in this country, marrying and having a family here.
His primary responsibility at the Barber was to take forward the scientific catalogue of its immense and world-class collections of ancient, Byzantine, and related coins, in all its aspects, including acquisition, photography, conservation, display, preparing it for publication, and assisting scholars and students. For 20 years any of our students who were interested in Byzantine numismatics benefited from his generous assistance.  And in retirement he remained actively involved with the Collection and its students while Vicky has pursued and developed the Keeper’s role as his successor.  
                We were all happy to meet him again only last month, in the Barber Institute, where of course he and   our new generation of numismatists  enjoyed each others’ company. And he intended to come to today’s General Seminar  because of its theme. We remember his commitment, his genuine and constructive interest in our students’ work, his hospitality, and his kindness.
Archie Dunn
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We would like to invite you to participate in the international conference titled “The Institution of Sponsorship from Ancient to Modern Times.” The conference is organized by the Numismatic Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Norwegian Institute at Athens and the Museum of Byzantine Culture at Thessaloniki. It will take place during February 7-9, 2014 at the premises of the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki, Greece.
You may find the integral version of the first circular letter in both Greek and English as well as the application form (at the end of the circular). The application deadline is December 31, 2013. The organizers would be grateful if you could forward this email to other interested colleagues in your institutions.
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The Governing Body of Lincoln College invites applications for two Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs) in Architectural History, tenable for a fixed term of four years from 1st September 2014. One Fellowship is dedicated to the support of research in the history of Greek and/or Roman architecture from 600 BC to AD 600. Applicants for the second Fellowship may work in any area of the history of architecture, or in the history of decorative design, from AD 600 to the present time.

Each of the Shuffrey Junior Research Fellows will be expected to undertake an approved programme of research, to provide up to four hours per week of undergraduate tuition for the College and to promote the study of architectural history through the organisation of seminars or lectures or by similar means. In addition to a stipend of £23,352 – £25,504 per annum, the Fellows will receive full common room rights, research and hospitality allowances, and membership of the USS pension scheme. College accommodation, suitable for a single person, will be provided at a modest rent if available

Applicants should have been awarded a doctoral degree in an appropriate field not earlier than 1st September 2009, or should be expecting to complete a doctoral thesis before 1st October 2015, and will have a developing public profile within their field of scholarship. Candidates should not have held a stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship at another College.

Further particulars and an application form may be downloaded from our website by clicking the Apply link below or obtained from the Academic Administrator, Lincoln College, Oxford, OX1 3DR, tel: 01865 279801, fax: 01865 279802, email: c, to whom applications should be submitted by noon on Tuesday 7th January 2013. Applications by email are welcome.

Lincoln College is an Equal Opportunities Employer

The post is advertised here.

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