The Oxford Listings

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The Oxford Listings, TT W8
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MONDAY 10th June

5.00 PM Medieval History All Souls Seminar

Wharton Room

Alice Taylor (King’s College, London)


Homage and Hierarchy during the Central Middle Ages




TUESDAY 11th June


Patristic and Late Antique Seminar


4-5:30 PM, Seminar Room, Theology Faculty Annex, 41 St Giles


Jonathan Kirkpatrick (Oxford)


Biblical Interpretation and the Survival of Paganism in Late Antique Palestine




Seminar on Jewish History and Literature in the Graeco-Roman Period


2:30-4PM Oriental Institute


Aron Sterk (Manchester)


Jews in the Latin West in Late Antiquity: forgotten communities and texts



Khalili Research Seminar


2-4PM Lecture Room, Khalili Research Centre, 3 St John Street


Marie Legendre


Byzantine capitals, Umayyad dukes and the Egyptian diwan: local administration and the formation of the Islamic state




Did Roman Art Decline? A Debate


5PM Ertegun House, 37a St Giles’, Oxford


Jas Elsner and Peter Stewart will take opposite sides, audience participation encouraged






5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar
Ioannou School


Ortwin Dally (German Archeological Institute, Rome)


Pagan statues in late antiquity – a case study: the baths of empress Faustina at Miletus 





THURSDAY 13th June
11.00-12:30AM Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar
St John’s College, New Seminar Room


Andrea Zerbini (London)


Quantifying the village economy: reflections on the extent and capabilities of cash crop production in the Limestone Massif of northern Syria (IV-VII c.)




5.00PM After Rome Seminar: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to the Seventh Centuries


Danson Room, Trinity College


Louise Blanke (University of Copenhagen)


Changing cityscapes: daily life and the use of space in late-antique Jerash


FRIDAY 14th June


Ioannou Centre

Sophia Xenophontos 

Plutarch’s revival in late Byzantium: the case of Theodore Metochites



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