The Oxford Listings

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The Oxford Listings, TT W7
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MONDAY 3rd June

5.00 PM Medieval History All Souls Seminar
Wharton Room

Oliver Watson (Khalili Research Centre)

Islamic luxury pottery: China v. Syria in Abbasid Iraq


TUESDAY 4th June

2.30 PM Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Seminar

Oriental Institute, Lecture Room 1

Jennifer Cromwell (Macquarie University, Sydney/British Museum)

Rediscovering an overlooked Coptic monastery: New Work on the British Museum Wadi Sarga material


4-5:30 PM Patristic and Late Antique Seminar

Seminar Room, Theology Faculty Annex, 41 St Giles

Elena Ene D-Vasilescu (Oxford)

Gregory Nazianzen on ‘the manner of generation’




5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar
Ioannou School

Elizabeth Jeffreys (Exeter College)

Why write fiction in Byzantium?

OCBR Special Lecture


11.00-12:30AM Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar
St John’s College, New Seminar Room

Ross Burns (Sydney)

What future for Syria’s past?


Crusades Graduate Seminar

2-4PM Rees Davies Room, Faculty of History, George Street

Simon John (University College)

The healing benefits of the crusade vow?: the cases of Godfrey of Bouillon, Louis IX of France and Henry III of England


5.00PM After Rome Seminar: Aspects of the History and Archaeology of the Fifth to the Seventh Centuries

Danson Room, Trinity College

Judith McKenzie and team (Classics and Oriental Studies, Oxford)

Introducing the ‘Manar al-Athar open-access photo-archive’ of monuments and art of the Near East (300 BC to the present)

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