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The Byzness, 2 June 2013
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Ravenna – It’s Significance in European Culture
One Day Workshop of 20minute Papers at Chancellors Hall, Senate House, University of London
Saturday 8th June 2013

For the full programme see here.


For and against the  “Sacred history”: the vulgate historiographical at the University of San Marino

The first set of lectures of ‘XI Cycle PhD in Historical Sciences organized by the School of Historical Studies at the University of San Marino will begin Wednesday, June 5th February at 10.00 am and will run until Friday, June 28, 2013. The 13 pupils attend lessons on “Pros and against the “Sacred history “: the vulgate historiographical “.

The lectures, which cover a long period, from the ancient world to the modern age, will be held at the School of Historical Studies (Contrada delle Mura, 16) from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 1900.

Wednesday, June 12 at 16:00 (Alberoni in the Hall of the State Library and Library Assets) will be held a Round Table on Gramsci.

The seminar sponsored by the School of Historical Studies of San Marino tends to make the point about news so far emerged, fostering a dialogue among three scholars, engaged in research in various capacities Gramsci: Luciano Canfora, Angelo D’Orsi and Francesco Lo Piparo.
It will take place during this period also the discussion of the thesis of the students of the ninth cycle doctorate who have completed their studies: Alessandro Angelucci, Brother Roger from Brindisi, the company Catalana and the threat Turkish Byzantium. A history of the Mediterranean, rapporteur: Mr David Abulafia and Luca Andreoni, “A nation on the market ‘:   the Jews of Ancona, buckets. XVII-XVIII, rapporteur: Mr Marina Caffiero.’s Planned discussion of the research project of the student participating in the X doctorate cycle, Teodoro Dropouts, The songs of the arrogant as gloss XI of Paradise in the Divine Comedy of Dante, head of research: Emilio Pasquini.

Experts on the subject are invited.
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course calendar:
Invitation Round Table “Gramsci”
School of Historical Studies:
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Abrahamic Attitudes Towards Pagans
Oxford-Jerusalem Program
24th-25th June 2013 Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Please find contact details and a full programme of events here.


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