The Oxford Listings

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The Oxford Listings, HT W3
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MONDAY 28th January

5.00 PM Medieval History All Souls Seminar
Wharton Room

Nicolas Schroeder (History Faculty and Universite libre de Bruxelles)

The forgotten lords. The Feudal Revolution and monastic lordship in Lotharingia, c. 900 to c. 1250

WEDNESDAY 30th January

5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar
Ioannou School

Aglae Pizzone (University of Durham)

Readerships and readerly pleasure in Eustathios’ Homeric Commentaries


5 PM Laws’ Empire. Rethinking Law and Life under Rome, 212-565 AD

Dr Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck, University of London)

Imperial Texts and Roman Legal History

THURSDAY 31st January
11.00-12:30AM Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar
St John’s College, New Seminar Room

Nikolaos Karydis (Kent)

The Church of St Mary at Ephesos revisited: architectural transformations from Late Antiquity to the Byzantine period


5.00PM Later Roman Seminar

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi

Robert Wisniewski (Warsaw)

Pagan temples, Christians and demons in the late antique East and West

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