The Oxford Listings

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The Oxford Listings, HT W1
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MONDAY 14th January

5.15 PM Medieval History All Souls Seminar
Examination Schools

Jeffrey F Hamburger (Harvard University)

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TUESDAY 15th January

2:30-4 PM Jewish History and Literature Seminar

Oriental Institute

Tessa Rajak (Somerville) and Martin Goodman:

The reception of Josephus to 1750

WEDNESDAY 16th January

5.00 PM Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar
Ioannou School

David Gwynn (Royal Holloway)

‘If you enquire whether the bath is ready, the answer is that the Son was made out of nothing’: Doctrinal Controversies and the Late Antique Historian


THURSDAY 17th January

5.00PM Later Roman Seminar

Seminar Room, Corpus Christi

‘Through the Eye of a Needle’: Round Table discussion of Peter Brown’s book led by Kate Cooper (Manchester), Alan Bowman, and Mark Whittow

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