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The Byzness, 6 May 2012

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APPEL À CANDIDATURES Peuplement et échanges dans l’espace adriatique médiéval histoire et archéologie 23/31 juillet 2012
L’École française de Rome, en collaboration avec le Centre des études albanologiques (Institut archéologique de Tirana) et le CNRS (Orient et Méditerranée, Monde Byzantin/UMR 8167 ; CEPAM/UMR 7264), organise un atelier doctoral sur les sites archéologiques de Komani et Lezha, en Albanie, du 23 juillet au 31 juillet 2012. Cet atelier a pour objectif de réunir doctorants et chercheurs autour de questions relatives à l’histoire des Balkans occidentaux de la fin de l’Antiquité au Moyen Âge. Les aspects abordés, tant globaux que spécifiques, seront traités en s’appuyant sur les recherches historiques et les découvertes archéologiques les plus récentes. L’accent sera porté sur les modalités de formation et d’évolution des unités régionales, ainsi que sur la mise en place des réseaux qui identifient l’espace adriatique comme un terrain de rencontres et d’échanges entre Latins, Slaves, Illyriens et Byzantins où l’on observe une implication croissante des populations continentales.
Further details available here.
Doctoral and postdoctoral announcements
The Laboratory of excellence RESMED (“Religions and societies in the Mediterranean world”) of the Sorbonne University offers 3 three-year doctoral grants and 4 one-year postdoctoral positions starting in September 2012.
Proposed research subjects should fit into RESMED scientific programme. This programme is organized around three themes: 1. Religions, places and conflicts ;  2. Religion and reason: Tradition and Innovation ; 3. Religions and social practices.
See the call for applications here:
Submission deadline: 1 June 2012 at 12 pm.
Three Post-doctoral Research Fellowships Univ of Birmingham – Collaborative EuropeaN Digital/Archival Infrastructure (CENDARI)
University of Birmingham – College of Arts and Law – School of History and Cultures Starting salary £27,578 a year, in a range up to £35,938 a year, with potential progression to £38,140 a year
The School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham seeks to appoint 3 Postdoctoral Research Fellows for three years to work on an EU-funded international collaborative project (Collaborative EuropeaN Digital/Archival Infrastructure – CENDARI).
CENDARI will provide and facilitate access to existing archives and resources in Europe for the study of medieval and modern European history through the development of an ‘enquiry environment’. This environment will increase access to records of historic importance across the European Research Area, creating a powerful new platform for accessing and investigating historical data in a transnational fashion overcoming the national and institutional data silos that now exist. It will leverage the power of the European infrastructure for Digital Humanities (DARIAH) bringing these technical experts together with leading historians and existing research infrastructures (archives, libraries and individual digital projects) within a programme of technical research informed by cutting edge reflection on the impact of the digital age on scholarly practice. Two domains have been chosen as case studies to develop this flexible research environment, in the first instance for historical research, but easily adaptable in future for other humanities domains. The first case study will be in the area of First World War studies, a timely area of research as we are fast approaching the centenary of this pan-European conflict that is already generating much interest from academics to the general public across Europe. The second case study will focus on medieval history in the creation of an Atlas of Medieval Cultures that will develop new paradigms from which to investigate and bridge linguistic, cultural and spatial boundaries.
We are therefore looking for historians of Europe to join an international and interdisciplinary team of scholars including historians, archivists and librarians, e-science and digital humanities specialists.
The post holders will have a PhD in European History (or equivalent), be fluent in English and in another European language at least. They will be able to demonstrate their capacity to operate successfully in an interdisciplinary, international and multilingual research environment.
The post holders will work with the Principal Investigator, Dr Pierre Purseigle, on several work packages including “Training and Transnational Access Coordination”, “Methodology and Archive User Requirements”, “Investigation and Description of Archives”, “Research Processes and System Architecture”, and “Research Spaces”.
For informal enquiries, please contact Dr Pierre Purseigle at the Department of History, School of History and Cultures, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT. Email:
Closing date: 10th May 2012
Ref: 44563
To download the details and submit an electronic application online please click on the following link: Alternatively information can be obtained from 0121 415 9000.
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