2012 Conference Schedule

The schedule for the Annual Graduate Conference is available below. For convenient poster-sized print-out, please download from this link. If you still have yet to register, please do so here.

10:00 Opening Remarks: Lecture Theatre, Douglas Whalin

10:15 Session 1: Lecture Theatre, Marlena Whiting
Women in Early Byzantine Churches
Bernard J. Mulholland, Queen’s University
Widows to Nuns
Irene Sanpietro, Columbia University
Nicetas Magistros
Lucile Hermay, University of Sorbonne-Paris IV

10:15 Session 2: Rees Davies Room, Caterina Franchi
Maintaining the Orthodox Mirage
Liz Mincin, University of St. Andrews
Tolling the Bells before 1204
Alex Rodriguez Suarez, King’s College London

12:00 Session 3: Lecture Theatre, Edward Zychowicz-Coghill
The Prophetic Past
Simon Ford, Exeter College
Arius, ὁ μελῳδός
Arkady Avdokhin, Russian State University for the Humanities
Dreams and Illusions in the Miracles of St. Artemios
Alice Hargreaves, Wolfson College

12:00 Session 4: Rees Davies Room, Matern Boselager
The Image of John II Komnenos in Constantinople
Max Lau, Oriel College
Pictorial Decoration of Middle-Byzantine Refectories
Iro Dermitzaki, University of Athens
Gardens in Some Byzantine Romances
Kirsty Stewart, Queen’s College

1:30 Lunch

2:30 Session 5: Lecture Theatre, Jesse Simon
Rome and the End of Tyranny
Adrastos Omissi, St. John’s College
Was there an Ideology?
Mariana Bodnaruk, Central European University
Valens and His Gothic War of 367-9
Emil Avdalian, University College

2:30 Session 6: Rees Davies Room, Foteini Spingou
Text as Iconography
Brad Hostetler, Florida State University
Re-Reading the Imagined and Physical Space of the Byzantine Church
Megan Garedakis, Columbia University
Byzantine Donor Portraits like Mirror Images?
Theodora Konstantellou and Prodromos Papanikolaou, University of Athens

4:15 Session 7: Lecture Theatre, Adrastos Omissi
Ammianus Marcellinus Writing about Sieges
William Wyeth, Lady Margaret Hall
Hard and Soft Power on the Eastern Frontier
Christopher Lillington-Martin, Kellogg College
Roman-Berber Relations in the 530s
Miranda Williams, Wolfson College

4:15 Session 8: Rees Davies Room, Max Lau
The Holy Mentor
Iphigeneia Debruyne, Université de Provence /Université de Fribourg
Opening a New Page in the Book of Late Byzantine Paideia
Mihail Mitrea, Central European University
Alexander’s Iconography from Antiquity to the Middle-Ages
Caterina Franchi, Exeter College

Day Two: Saturday February 18, 2012

10:00 Session 9: Lecture Theatre, Elizabeth Buchanan
The Apocalyptic Mirror
Andras Kraft, Central European UniversityBaptism as a Diplomatic Device in the Personal Reign of Constantine VII
Prerona Prasad, Keble College
Byzantium and the West
Frank McGough, The Ohio State University

10:00 Session 10: Rees Davies Room, Douglas Whalin
Forming the Athonite Self-image
Nikolaos Livanos, University of Thessaly
Seeing through the Byzantine Commentator on Homer, Eustathius of Thessalonica
Georgia Kolovou, University of Sorbonne-Paris IV

11:45 Session 11: Lecture Theatre, Simon Ford
The Role of Fictions in Roman Law
Guido Leonardo Croxatto, Freie Universität
Who were the Eunomians?
Elizabeth Buchanan, Christ Church
Monastic Misinformation in Fifth-Sixth Century Palestine
Daniel Neary, Corpus Christi College

11:45 Session 12: Rees Davies Room, Kirsty Stewart
Women and Political Power in Byzantium as Seen Through Coin Depictions
Katerina Peppa, University of Athens
Reality and Illusions in the Life of Royal Women before the Fall
Nafsika Vassilopoulou, University of Athens
Women in Trebizond in the Chronicle of Michael Panaretos
Annika Asp-Talwar, University of Birmingham

1:15 Lunch

2:15 Session 13: Lecture Theatre, Sean Leatherbury
Spaces of Vision
Armin Bergmeier, Munich University
Memory, Agency and the Last Judgement in Byzantium
Niamh Bhalla, Courtauld Institute of Art
What Constitutes Interpretational Anachronism?
Davor Aslanovski, Kellogg College

2:15 Session 14: Colin Matthew Room, Morgan Di Rodi
Depiction of Liturgical Practices and Objects in the Scene of the Communion of the Apostles
Nikitas Passaris, University of Athens
Local Reality and Imperial Illusion at the Periphery of the Empire
Vedran Bileta, Central European University
The Continuing Reality of the Demonic Threat in the Cosmology of Eusebius of Caesarea
Hazel Johannsen, King’s College London

2:15 Session 15: Rees Davies Room, Prerona Prasad
Religion on the Arab-Byzantine Frontier in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries AD
Robert Brown, Cardiff University
Prisoners of War in the Byzantine Empire (Sixth-Eleventh Centuries)
Marilia Lykaki, École Pratique des Hautes Études/Université d’Athènes
The Draft of a Treaty between Michael VIII Paleologue and theVenetian Republic (1265)
Ievgen A. Khvalkov, European University Institute

4:00 Session 16: Lecture Theatre, Alexis Gorby
Monumental Competition in the Late Antique Levant
Morgan Di Rodi, St. Cross College
The Blessed Souvenirs of Early Christian Pilgrimage
Lucy O’Connor, University of Manchester
Modernism’s Byzantine Art and the Return to Order
Jennifer Johnson, St. John’s College

4:00 Session 17: Rees Davies Room, Eleni Karafotia
Kinship in the Byzantine and Slavic Balkans (c. 1355 – 1395)
Jake Ransohoff, University of Chicago
Some Aspects of Byzantine Diplomacy with the Muslim World
Anna Calia, University of San Marino
The Republic of the Hellenes and the Return of the King
Sergey Fadeev, St. Cross College

5:30 Closing Remarks: Lecture Theatre, Professor Marc Lauxterman.

= = = = =

Please note that the following presenters have had to withdraw from the conference: Constantine Porphyrogennetos as a Person and a Politician
Dmytro Gordiyenko, National Academy of Sciences
The Byzantine Empresses
Belyakova Taisiya, Moscow State University/Russian Academy of Science

Please also note the the following presentation has changed sessions: it is now scheduled for Session 9 (10.00 AM Saturday)
The Apocalyptic Mirror
Andras Kraft, Central European University

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