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The Byzness: 27 March 2011
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Research Fellowship in Eastern Mediterranean Studies, CEU

Central European University’s Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) invites applications for a two-year fixed-term post-doctoral Research Fellowship in the field of Eastern Mediterranean Studies. The post is advertised in connection with the university’s twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2011. The successful candidate is expected to undertake research that complements and interfaces with the research of the Center’s faculty and students.
More information is available at
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Robert Browning Memorial Fund Graduate Scholarship, King’s College, London

The Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College London is pleased to announce the award of a Graduate Scholarship established by the Robert Browning Memorial Fund. This has been created substantially thanks to the generosity of the Ministry of Education & Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.
The Scholarship, which will be tenable from September 2011, will cover UK/EU fees for full-time doctoral research in any field of Hellenic Studies at King’s College London for each year of full-time registration up to a maximum of three years.
Applicants should first apply for admission to the relevant Department, Programme or Division of King’s College London in the regular way, as laid down in the King’s Graduate Prospectus. If they meet the admissions criteria for their programme (including proficiency in the English language) and have been offered a place by the Department or Division, their applications for the Robert Browning Memorial Fund Graduate Scholarship must be submitted to the Browning Award Committee of the Centre for Hellenic Studies.
Please note that there is an application form, including forms for two referees, which must be completed.
Candidates in any doubt about the suitability of their proposed research should consult the Director of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, Professor Charlotte Roueché (
The deadline for receipt of applications and both references is Friday 29 April 2011. Late applications will not be accepted.
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CFP: CAA 2012 Session Sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art
Res et significatio: The Material Sense of Things in the Middle Ages
Aden Kumler (University of Chicago); and Christopher Lakey (Johns Hopkins University).
In his landmark 1958 essay, “Vom geistigen Sinn des Wortes im Mittelalter,” Friederich Ohly described the medieval meaning of things (Dingbedeutung) as authorized by scriptural exegesis, but exceeding the boundaries of sacred texts to include monuments, artifacts, and materials. Taking Ohly’s analysis as a point of departure, we invite papers that explore the medieval signification of materials and material things—be they divinely created and or made by human hands. Can we speak of an iconology of materials in the period? What can the use of materials and the facture of objects tell us about the signifying interplay of materials and forms in the period? How might medieval uses of materials shape or respond to contemporary understandings of the material world and of materiality itself? We invite papers that engage material- or thing-signification in the western and Byzantine Middle Ages through material- or object-focused case studies, diachronic analyses, or more theoretical modes of reflection.
Please send all supporting materials electronically to and by May 2nd, 2011
Please Include:
1) An abstract of 1-2 double-spaced, typed pages
2) A letter of interest, including CAA membership status
3) A current CV, including summer addresses and telephone numbers if applicable
4) A completed CAA Session Participation Proposal form, located at the end of the 2012 CAA  CFP Brochure (
Historicizing Somaesthetics: Body-Mind Connections in the Medieval and Early Modern Viewer
College Art Association Conference, Los Angeles, Feb. 22-25, 2012
Session Organizer and Chair: Allie Terry-Fritsch, Bowling Green State University (
Session Description: Despite rigorous scholarly attention to Medieval and Early Modern bodies and beholders, discussions of historical art experience remain tied to anthropological notions of “ritual,” “religious practice,” and “performance” or concerned with intellectual traditions that informed the visual process. This session considers somaesthetic fashioning, a term used in recent years to point to the purposeful cultivation of the mind-body connections of individuals to heighten contemporary aesthetic experience, as a means to theorize the visual experience of Medieval and Early Modern art and architecture. By “historicizing somaesthetics,” this session seeks to highlight the mind-body connections of historical viewers and to forge a new theoretical construct of the historicized aesthetic experience. Submissions might address: What is at stake in defining Medieval and Early Modern aesthetic experience in “somaesthetic” terms? How did Medieval and Early Modern individuals cultivate aesthetic experience through their bodies? How, apart from the language used to describe such experiences, does such an understanding help to bridge the Medieval and Early Modern viewer to their contemporary counterparts?
Deadline for Paper Proposals: May 2, 2011
Proposals should be sent in hard copy to:
Dr. Allie Terry-Fritsch
Art History, School of Art
Bowling Green State University
1000 Fine Arts Building
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
Proposals must include:
1)Completed session participation form, found at:
2)Preliminary abstract of one to two double-spaced, typed pages
3)Letter explaining speaker’s interests, expertise in the topic, and CAA membership status
4)CV with home and office mailing address, email address and phone and fax numbers. Include summer address, if applicable
5)If mailing internationally, it is recommended that proposals be sent via certified mail
If applicants have any questions, please contact Allie Terry-Fritsch (
Call For Papers: 29th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium, Nov. 4-5, 2011
Department of Art History, The Florida State University
Keynote Speaker John Paoletti
Symposium Coordinator Lynn Jones (
(Please see attached pdf for flyer with details.)
Lynn Jones
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Art History
Florida State University
220-D Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1151
(850) 644-7069
FAX: (850) 644-7065
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