Oxford University Byzantine Society (OUBS)

The official website of the Oxford University Byzantine Society

The Official Website of the Oxford University Byzantine Society (OUBS)

About the Oxford University Byzantine Society

The Oxford University Byzantine Society (OUBS) is a graduate student run organisation which provides support and information for graduate students of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (LABS) and adjacent disciplines at Oxford University. It also provides opportunities for graduate students to present their work to their peers from institutions across the globe and acts as a hub for the sharing of information about job opportunities, studentships, funding, conferences, and seminars as well as publications and resources. The society enjoys a close relationship with the Byzantine Studies sub-faculty and alumni of the LABS program. As well as its role as a network of scholars, the society boasts a supportive and vibrant social community and members of the society in Oxford can also expect to meet for regular drinks, dinners, and trips.

We operate two mailing lists. ‘The Byzness‘ contains useful information about scholarly opportunities in the world of Late Antique and Byzantine studies, as broadly defined as possible. ‘The Oxford Listings‘ are sent out during term-time, and provide information about upcoming seminars, lectures, and reading groups around Oxford which may be of interest to society members. Both mailing lists are published to the ‘Newsfeed’ page. If you would like to subscribe to either mailing list, please select the links above to the respective Google Group pages and select “Join this Group” for the newsletters to be sent to your inbox.

The society hosts a fully graduate-run annual international graduate conference which is the best-established of its kind both at Oxford University and within the discipline of Byzantine Studies. It attracts speakers from across the globe and since 2013 selected papers from the conference have been published by prominent academic publishers Brill and Peter Lang. A yearly magazine is published by the society, The Byzantinist, which provides an opportunity for society members to have their writing published for their peers in a welcoming scholarly environment.

Further information on the Society’s activities for the academic year 2020-21, as well as useful resources for LABS freshers can be found here.

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Email: byzantine.society@gmail.com

Post: Oxford University Byzantine Society, Ioannou Centre, 66 St. Giles, Oxford
OX1 3LU, United Kingdom.

2020–21 Committee:

President:    Lorenzo Saccon

Treasurer:   James Cogbill

Secretary:    Alberto Ravani